Killing Floor

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Killing Floor
Killing Floor, 1st Edition
Author Lee Child
Publisher G.P Putnam's Sons
Genre(s) Thriller
ISBN 978-0-399-14253-6
First Printing 50,000
Date March, 17 1997
Estimates $500 (As New)
$250 (Fine)
$125 (Very Good)
$85 (Good)
$40 (Fair)
$15 (Poor)
Estimate Date Jan 30, 2013
Estimate By James
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Killing Floor by Lee Child was published in 1997 by G.P Putnam's Sons in New York. It is Lee Child's debut novel featuring the popular character, Jack Reacher. It runs 359 pages and was sold originally at a list price of $23.95.[1]


Killing Floor's first edition, first print run was 50,000 copies[2]. Lee Child, the pen name of Jim Grant, a British national, would go on to write 17 Jack Reacher-themed books, sell over 50 million copies, and inspire a movie starring Tom Cruise. [3]


A first edition of Killing Floor can be identified from the book's copyright page. There you will find a series of numbers ---the lowest number in the series identifies the printing run and the edition.[4]

Collectors are attracted to this author's phenomenally successful debut, a complete set of first editions from the Jack Reacher series, and the storied transition of Jim Grant, disgruntled worker, to Lee Child, bestselling author.

Jim Grant, author-to-be, found himself frustrated in the corporate world working as a presentation director for Granada Television, a British television company, and a difficult boss, "I'd have these horrendous meetings and want to break the guy's leg," Child says. "But obviously you can't break the guy's leg. So how would you have it done? Where could you find the kind of people to do it for you? How would you pay them? How would you pay them in an untraceable way?"

"You're working out all this narrative," Child says, "and it's great training."[5]

Lee Child once wrote about Jack Reacher: "His face looked like it had been chipped out of rock by a sculptor who had ability but not much time." Did Jim Grant channel Lee Child to create Jack Reacher? A nice thought for the collector.


Milo Rambles, in his book review blog, writes, "With a great blend of horrific violence, conspiracy and intrigue the novel is an emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end."[6] And Rick Kleffel, writing for The Agony Column, writes, "Killing Floor is an example of reading stripped down to the basics; story, intellect and character. That, and a bit of prescience with regards to the core of the mystery, certainly explains why a 1997 title reads perfectly well some fifteen years later." [7]

Awards and Nominations

  • 1998 Anthony Award winner, Best First Novel.[8]
  • 1998 Barry Award winner, Best First Novel.[9]
  • 1998 Macavity Award nominee, Best First Mystery Novel.[10]

Signed First Editions

Lee Child has attended book signings.[11]It is unknown how many signings. Nor do we have estimates on how many signed first editions may exist.